A Cart Driver

“Drive timber here, Leon. Drive timber there, Leon. Well, where are we going this time you might ask? Let me tell you where, Slumpelier—the worst town in all Leipzia. Slum-pell-ee-ay. I hate that town. Trash and refuse in all the streets here, there, and all in the way. And then there’s the garbage. Enormous stones block most of the streets so that the trash, I mean people, can cross without stepping into several inches of muck. The side street I need to get to will be blocked by those stones. I’ll have to pay someone to help move the timber (more coin from my wallet). Of course, it’s not a straight road into the town. That would be too easy, wouldn’t it? It has to be a congested, winding gobbledymess. So I’ll have to wait on that sludgy street for an hour or more tomorrow, praying to the stars above that my sinuses stay this clogged.”

“Captain, if you feel sick or don’t like driving in traffic I can do it for you.”

“Traffic is not the problem. The problem is this job.”

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